The Reformation on the Seville of XVI century

Tomás López Muñoz wrote on his book ''La reforma en la Sevilla del XVI - Volumen 1'' - Editorial MAD eduforma: ''The Europe's map of the reform and the Renaissance is compressed into the city of Seville of the fist half of the XVI century. On its roads, its institutions, its people, is finded the new world that is surfacing in Europe, and is received  the new world that is coming by boat to its port.
Meeting table, of culture, with its queries and its answers. The free flow of its river, also the inmovable dark mass of the Inquisition fortress. Under the same sky, the freedom and the open horizon, the intolerance and the imposed blindness. A city where find or lost forever the modern Europe, cradle of freedom.''

On this context instead of persecutions or punishments, some loyal to the Word of God embraced and transmited the Gospel even to the more closed convents of the city. With the inquisitors on the heels, some ran sigilously to that Europe of freedom (Casiodoro de Reina, Cipriano de Valera, Juan Pérez de Pineda ... ) and made an extraordinary work bequeathed to the posterity like the Bible of the Bear or Spanish London Confession of Faith 1561. Others (Juan Gil, Constantino de la Fuente, María de Bohórquez, Francisca de Chávez... ) converted the city into a great reformed center crashed by the cruelty of the inquisiton and the papacy.

Because of the remember of them and the need of a space to the reformed voice today, we invite you to walk with us discovering the thrilling history , and splashing with the fresh air of the new voice of the XXI century Reform.

Wellcome home.



You can download a full version of the Spanish confession of faith and others reformed texts in our website

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