Spanish Protestant Memory and Investigation Center - CIMPE

 The Spanish Protestant Memory and Investigation Center is a working table for conmunicating, sharing and building knwoledge about the Protestant Reformation in Spain.

Its multidisciplinary field is on XVI century, but also with attention on the own areas untill present. It would have collaboration and support links with other similar centers in the historic research in it maximum scientific nature.

It don't have religious confession, but it's sustained on the  respect to the principles and motivations of the study object: The Protestant Reformation.

The recovery of the typical texts of the studied period, is the best way to the proper comprehension. On this investigation line, the CIMPE develops a criticism edition work of spanish reformation literary.

The ''Obras de los Reformadores Españoles del siglo XVI'' (MAD/Eduforma, Sevilla) - ''XVI century Spanish Reformers Works'' is the result of that labour. This collection has a new excellent complement in the ''Investigación y Memoria'' - ''Investigation & Memory" Series, at the same editorial.

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Juan R. Méndez

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